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Supermom could really use a laptop.

As much blogging as I do I've realized I could really use a laptop. I've even emailed two companies (HP and Apple) about hooking a Supermom up.

I know that I could form a great partnership with a company willing to work with me.

Can you believe that neither of them (HP or Apple) had the courtesy to reply to my emails. I find that rude. I took the time to shamelessly beg for a laptop and they could have taken a minute to email me back.

So, if you want to hook this Supermom up with a laptop I will add you as a sponsor and blog about your generosity all the time.

Sounds like a win win situation to me.

PS. That laptop would have come in handy for Blogapalooza and now since I've hurt my back.I'm just sayin'...


Kelly said…
If you find a laptop sponsor, send them my way when you are done!!

Good luck!
Sara-Lynn said…
Let's see what kind of magic I can make.
Supermom said…
Thanks Kelly. Will do!

S-L Magic???

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