A smack of reality please.

There's nothing like picking up your daughter from the exact same high school that you to when you were her age.

Man, I don't think I'm old. I feel it at times though. The aching back. The fine laugh lines on my face. Only having older men check me out.

I don't consider myself a MILF. But would it kill a younger guy to notice me?!? Ha ha. I tease!!!

Once you drive a minivan you quit being noticed anyway.

So, I'm sitting in carpool with the radio playing the top tunes and I'm a bit sad.

I will never be able to go back to high school. Do prom again. Learn to drive a car. Have my first kiss. Do math homework.

I can just live each day to the fullest. Enjoy being 36. Enjoy my hair turning grey. Enjoy my laugh lines. Enjoy being me because I'm a pretty amazing woman.

I have been blessed to have some special experiences so far and I know there are lots more to come.

Lots more to come.

Plus, I can help do their math homework.

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Monica said…
There is no way in HELL I say I would go back to that school. I went there too. Ya know! My dear bff you ran with the popular crowd I ran with the try not to be noticed crowd.

Yes we had our bff brian in common but I hated that school and everything about it and still do.

It is a evil place! All I have is memories of pain and hurt when I think of high school. I dread any child having to go there.
Jenn9474 said…
I have to agree with Monica on this one...Had some OK memories but for the most part it was horrid!!! Nothing about that do I miss even a little bit ...
Supermom said…
Very true ladies!!!
Sara-Lynn said…
That's exactly why I sold my expedition and bought a small sporty red car! I want ppl to start looking again! :) LOL!!!
Keshia said…
I'm 19 and don't get many looks from guys my age anymore. Most older men. Must be the child on my hip that deters them ;)
Rose said…
Personally I wouldn't want to go back to my teen years.