Should I have done that?

I'm not one to publicly announce that I am the Supermom behind The Adventures of Supermom when I go somewhere.  I do find it flattering if you recognize me from my blog and approach me though.  Don't be shy! 

So this morning I took Lil O to school to see her classroom and meet other children that will be in her classroom this year. She is enrolled at a Montessori school for Kindergarten and we are totally thrilled that she is able to go there.  With her personality we know the Montessori school will be perfect for her. 

This is where I may have stuck my foot in my mouth.  We were outside while the kids were playing and Lil O gets invited to a playdate.  Later this day.  I them realize how FULL my plate is.  I have to get H from high school.  Pick up a few last minute items for school and lets not forget BLOG EVERY HOUR FOR 24 HOURS!!!!!! 

I spill the beans.

I never thought I'd hear, "I'm a professional blogger" come out of my mouth for others to hear.  Others meaning the parents of children that are in my daughter's classroom.   I explain about blogging every hour for the next 24 hours and other assorted things that I have to do today.

So, it's out there.  I cannot take it back.  (gentle smile)  It feels nice though.  I'm not hiding, per say, about what I do everyday.  I'm proud to be a mom blogger and I am proud to be THAT mom blogger.

Hi, my name is Michelle and I am the Supermom of The Adventures of Supermom. 

Supermom and Baby M


Brittany Ciara said…
Slowly and surely I have released that I am a blogger to the world.

My name is Brittany and I am Not Your Average Teen! ;)

Glad to see you are doing well in the Blogapalooza! (:
Feel like you came out of the closet? I know, most people look at me crazy when I talk about my blog. Of course, I just do it for fun for now, hopefully it will turn into something more one day.
Supermom said…
Yes, I do feel like I've come out of the closet. Hmmmm.
Most people just don't understand blogging. I LOVE it (obviously)

However, many people are afraid we are going to "blog about them" or judge them in some way.

I'm proud of you for letting is slip that you're a blogger! YEAH!
Supermom said…
Thank you!!! I'm okay with it.
Sara-Lynn said…
Be proud of what you do and announce it to the world girl! You rock at what you do! You inspire, educate, and make smiles happen! That's something everyone should do and share with the world that they do it!
Keshia said…
Too late to worry about it now :)

My SIL's boyfriend thinks blogging is stupid and tells me so frequently. Lucky for me I learned to ignore him years ago hehehe
Rose said…
My friends and family know what I do, but I don't think many understand it.