The Secret Life of B.

The past few days I've heard this awful "head banger" music coming from B's bedroom.

This morning after not being about to take it anymore I asked him,

"What in the world are you listening to?".

I blame my bluntness on my back pain.

Of course I had no idea who the band was when he told me. Soon I discovered it was a Christian rock band.

Being Christian doesn't make it sound any better.

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Sara-Lynn said…
I'm sure you know the saying Michelle...If the music's too loud then your too old! LOL!!! Well look at it this way lyrics won't be an issue.
Michelle C said…
I have listened to nothing buy Contemporary Christian music for about 15 years and even I won't listen to that hard rock Christian. Makes my head hurt. I think I might have to move on to the old hymn's I'm getting so old LOL