Now what will I do with my time??

Now that Lil O has joined the school club along with H & B, I have an empty nest, sort of.  My week days will be spent with Marvelous Baby M.  That is if she will play with me.

I have decided to start crocheting again on my Christmas gifts when I'm not playing with the baby.

Here are some of my past projects.  I like showing them off!!


blanket hats

O sweater

365 Days of Creation Challenge #4

Creative Challenge ~ Crochet SnowFlake

Crocheted Baby Sweater

Crocheted Baby Sweater

Homemade Crocheted Scarf

Homemade Crocheted Baby Sweater

Handmade Crocheted Wool Scarves ~ OnlyOllie on ETSY

Only Ollie on ETSY

Only Ollie on ETSY

Only Ollie on ETSY

Crochet Apple Only Ollie

Crochet Baby Blanket

Crochet Bear

Crochet Bear

Well, time to go grab my yarn!!!


Keshia said…
I'm jealous of the booties! I wanted to learn to crochet booties when I was pregnant with Coop. I never did. Maybe next time ;)
Sara-Lynn said…
I haven't a clue how to even sow! Let alone anything else! I'm so jealous!
guurrrl said…
I love the rainbow bear. You put so much quality and detail in to your items. They definitely come from your heart ;)
Rose said…
Very nice! I envy those who can crochet. I never got the hang of it.

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