My all time favorite.... scene is! ! ! ! !

Wanna try to guess before I tell you??? 

Clue:  It was filmed close to the area where I live.

(insert Jeopardy theme here)

What is "nobody puts baby in a corner" from Dirty Dancing! 

I always say that around the house.  Dirty Dancing is in my Top 10 Favorite Movies EVER!!!!  Here are a few random photos that I also loved in the movie.

So, what's your favorite scene in a movie??


Sara-Lynn said…
Dirty Dancing has to be in my top 20. But I'm pretty sure that my fav. movies is the Devil Wears Prada. And my favorite scene is when Miranda (Meryl Streep) is due back to the office and Nigel (Steven Tucci)opens the office door and yells "Guard your Lions!" LOVE IT!
Supermom said…
HA HA!! I liked that movie too.
Keshia said…
Hmm I really don't think I have a favorite movie.. Have they made NCIS into a movie yet?? haha
Rose said…
I like the part of that movie when she says........I carried a Watermelon.