Let the 24 hours of blogging begin.

Today starts Blog2Print's first BLOGAPALOOZA!!!!  Which means I'm going to post ever hour for 24 hours.  Exciting huh?  Maybe a bit daunting at first if you think about it BUT I'm pretty excited myself!!!! 

So, lets get this blogging party started!!!!!  Drum Roll.............

Blog One.

I find it hard to make friends because I am a stay at home mom with four kids.  I don't think some people actually realize how cRaZy our house can get.  Trust me, it can get out of control really quick.  One minute the kids are behaving like angels and the next you've got one hanging from the curtain, one drawing with a crayon on the wall, one totally in the zone from a video game and one hormonal teenager stuck in drama.  And they always come to me to fix it!!!!  I'll usually be on the phone when they come to me I might add.  They always require my attention the minute I have the phone to my ear.  IT'S ALWAYS THAT WAY!!!!!

I can be sitting around all day and no one will pay me any attention but the minute I have the phone I become the center of attention.  (Shrug) Whats a parent to do?  I usually yell speak quietly, "Do you SEE this thing to my ear???????"  "Give mommy just a minute love bug and I will help you, ok?".  (innocent smile here)

So, back to making friends.  There happened to be a cool mom blogger move to Asheville from Michigan two years ago.  We became friends because we are two totally hip people and it was obvious how much fun we'd have together.  We'd hang out with the kids, play Scatagories and even vacation together at the beach.  She was awesome and so was her family.

Then they moved back to Michigan, like yesterday!!!!!!!

They came over Saturday to hang out and then we all went out to eat.  I was sad that my new friend was moving back north with no real reason to come back to Asheville.  Besides ME that is.  Then she came over yesterday to hang out while the movers were packing up the house.  The kids played and we sat around talking about double rainbows and such.  LOL

Then she left.....  Heading to Michigan..... 

I miss you MRS FURIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Maybe I can talk Superdad into moving to Michigan!?!  It's a thought. 

I leave you with this picture.  Future Blogging Friends.  Lil Supermom and Lil Furious.  Watch out world!

girls sand


Sara-Lynn said…
Wonderful blog...Wonderful Start! You can and will make all 24 hours with blogs! :) Michgan is a nice place to visit, I use to live there myself! Next time I head that way you can hitch a ride! I'm only 2 hours from you as is! :) Have a great day! :)
Yay for blog friends!
i too LOVE my blog friends and my IRL friends.
If i'm lucky my blog friends turn into my IRL friends to...:)
Supermom said…
Thanks S-L! ! Without you I wouldn't have some of my topics!!! You ARE A ROCK STAR!!!

OCB - Yes, I agree!! Super lucky to have blogging friends turn into RL friends!!!!

Sniff, I miss my friend.
Mrs Furious said…
Oh Supermom! I will miss you and your FANTASTIC family too. Without you guys I would have been totally adrift in Asheville. I think we should plan a big WDW trip! Start whispering it in Superdad's ear while he's sleeping. WDW 2011.
Keshia said…
I loved having so much to read! It was nice that Blogapalooza occured on my sleepless night :)
Rose said…
Isn't it funny that you hit a certain age and making friends is no-longer as easy as use to be? By the way I comment on all 24 of your posts.