Is your cell phone causing you problems with your spouse?

I LOVE my Blackberry Tour!  LOVE IT!!!!!  It has come into recent debate in our house though.  Not only does teenage daughter text 24 hours a day 7 days a week but I'm on my Blackberry as well.  It connects me to the amazing Internet, lets me update my Facebook status, get Twitter updates and work on Sudoku puzzles.  Plus, I am able to text my friends back and forth without calling them on the phone.

For me texting is so much easier.  I can say what I want to say in a quick text and be on my way.  We can chat back and forth in a few short words or letters and then we are content.  Even just sending a " :) " to let them know you are thinking of them is a wonderful way to communicate with my friends through texting.

Now Superdad isn't on the texting train.  He couldn't be worried with texting on his phone.  He also doesn't do Facebook or Twitter so what would he really do with a smartphone to begin with? 

Superdad may not have a Blackberry to suck his time away but he does have the computer, his IPod, the random TV shows he enjoys, books, magazines, his bikes and the pinball machines to tinker with.

I see my Blackberry as entertainment.  Like when I was younger and carried my walkman around listening to cassettes all the time.  Or when I upgraded to a portable DVD player.  I do not have an IPod like hormonal teenager or Superdad because I don't need one.  I can listen to music on my Blackberry if I really want to. 

As far as I can tell having my Blackberry hasn't affected how I run my home.  The house is clean, the laundry is finished, there is food prepared and the kids are taken care of.  So, what's the big deal if I check my mail, update my Facebook status, Twitter a random thought or text my friends when I want to?

Superdad said it was affecting our relationship yesterday?  I said, "Only if you let it."  I don't mind him reading in bed or playing on the computer.  So, why can I not play with my phone? 

So, tell me about it Supermom fans.  Are you plugged into technology and your spouse isn't happy about it????


Mary Jane said…
The only time technology bothers me, is when I am talking to him and he is playing with his phone. It's obvious he isn't paying attention b/c he can't repeat what I just said. Other than that I love the fact we have the internet available where ever we go, it has come in handy a few times.
Sara-Lynn said…
I'm plugged in to Technology and when I was married I often texted random ppl at all hours of the day and night and he would say he was jealous that I talked to them more then him, but I told him it may appear that I'm talking more to them, but we are still trying to finish the conversation we started 4 days ago! With that he never said another word about it. Good Luck Supermom! :)
Melissa said…
My husband and I both have iPhones. We check our work email, text and google. Maybe not at the same time but we are just as guilty when it comes to phone use. He plays his xbox and I use my lap top, but at the end of the day we make time for each other and there's never any complaining over who's on their phone.
Supermom said…
Thanks for the comments!
Keshia said…
Jerry complains about my Blackberry and my laptop ALOT! But he has an xbox, a not-smart phone, and a laptop too. The xbox takes up most of his time though. But I have online classes that require quite a bit of laptop time. As for the phone, I site the same reasons you do :)