Is medicated blogging like drunk texting?

I woke up this morning in pain because I've not had any pain medication since the night before.  I will just grin and bear it in the morning.   I will slowly creep to the bathroom and hope I don't get stuck on the potty unable to get up.  Then I will make my way to the kitchen to get coffee brewing.  The babies are usually jumping up and down like a puppy that needs to go out and pee. 

Right now they just like to tease each other to make the other one squeal.  Lovely huh??

I take my meds, fix milk for them and change M's diaper.  I tell them about a hundred times to stop playing in the fridge and SHUT THE DOOR.  I could do this routine with my eyes closed.

After herding them into the living room  I turn on the electronic baby sitter so they can bicker more about what to watch and what not to watch.  Usually I go turn on the computer and sit in an uncomfortable chair to check all my Supermom stuff.


I sat on the couch.  Got comfy with like five pillows.  I even have my feet propped up.  I reached over and turned on the snazzy laptop that Bryan Freeborn brought over to the house yesterday.  Pretty cool huh????

I'm still in shock at the generosity of others.  I blog about needing a laptop to make my life easier.  Yes, I could have bought a laptop but with four kids I just couldn't spend that money for a new gadget.  I could use it for food, school and more food.  I contacted three computer companies, Dell HP and Apple, about them sponsoring my blog.  Two never responded and one basically sent an email that they would sell me a refurnished laptop.  Which would be spending money that I don't have at the moment for an electronic gadget.

Then Bryan emails me on Facebook.  I'm high on meds and crying at his offer to give me a laptop. 

I was so touched.  Yesterday, he came over to my house.  This was the first time we've met in person I add.  I'm not even dressed in clothes.  I mean I'm dressed but in clean pajama's.  That's the most I could do.  We sit on my couch and he shows me the basics on the laptop then he left me to play with my new toy.

This just shows how blessed I am.  I have loving and caring friends that would do anything to help me in my time of need.  Thank  you.

Okay, my medication have kicked in and I'm getting all sappy so I'm going to publish this post and rest.  Doctor's Orders.