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I'm too young to have a teenage daughter who's a junior in HS.

Today marks the day that my beautiful teenage daughter is a junior in high school.  A JUNIOR!!!!!!  I cannot believe this.  It was just like yesterday that I remember her starting Kindergarten.  I think I remember that day.  Okay, lets just say I do remember the day when she started K.  (innocent smile)

So, here I am.  Raising a 16 year old teenage girl who is more like me than she will ever know. 

She's driving with a permit.  Only with Superdad because my nerves cannot take her driving me around in the minivan.  That would totally drive me over the edge.  No pun intended.

Crazy Beautiful H is an amazing young woman.  I am so blessed to have her as my daughter.  She was truly a gift given to me sixteen years ago. 

Supermom Girls

Just think I have her first prom to look forward tooo!!!!  I think I will look forward to that.  That does mean she will be out with a boy.....right?  I better rethink this junior thing.....


Brittany Ciara said…
You almost sound like my mom when I was a sophomore. I just graduated in June and she still can't believe I am a college freshmen! :P
Supermom said…
Brittany ~ You're making me feel old. (gentle smile)
Danielle Franklin said…
no she doesnt have to go to prom with a boy she can go solo if she chooses, it is a junior/senior prom right? Memaw and Aunt B don't believe me when I say H looks just like a younger you! We had so much fun shopping and she still has the 'younger' H inside her!
I can't say I blame you on the not being able to ride in a car with her driving.

I know I will be the same way with my son. It will drive me over the edge! Lucky for me, he's only 4 now.
Supermom said…
HA HA!!! Yeah, I don't know that I will ever be able to ride with her.
Sara-Lynn said…
Awww Supermom take the plunge and ride with her...It will be a moment the two of you will never forget. My moments with my mom when I was learning are ones I think of often...not that the moments with my dad weren't wonderful but for some reason two women in a car just are something.
Keshia said…
You should definitely ride with her! But my favorite to drive with was always my Papaw. I could have driven through a brick wall and he would have said "You're ok. Keep going"
Rose said…
Beautiful young woman she is.

I know I sometimes can't believe my daughter is 20.

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