I'm getting frustrated about how things are working out.

It's after 1 am and I am wide awake because I hurt.  I crawled out of the bed at 12:30 and eased my way to the kitchen to take my meds and eat the rest of the Peanut M & M's.  I'm getting frustrated.  I had hoped to feel better just a little bit by this time. 

But I am not.

I called my doc Monday to give him a progress report.  He has requested that I get a lumbar x-ray.  They called and scheduled one for Tuesday, which is actually later this morning.  I really hope that this will give some answers to my discomfort.  I cannot take much more of this. 

It's emotionally taking a toll on me. 

It's even harder because Superdad doesn't agree with my course of action.  But, I'm doing the best I can and I just want to be back to myself again and be pain free.

If that requires physical therapy then I will do it.  If I have to see a chiropractor then I will do it.  If that requires me to have pain medication to help me be comfortable then I will do it.

That's just how I feel.

Earlier in the day I did a big no no.  After taking my muscle relaxer and pain pill I thought I would enjoy a nice cold beer.  That was a big mistake.  I got extra tipsy.  I never thought that one beer would do that.  It was very nice because for the first time in days I felt ZERO pain then I felt embarrassed that Superdad had to help put me to bed.

So, now I know to take those warning labels serious that say, "Don't drink alcohol while taking this medication because it may make you more sleepy."  Now I know.

I think I agreed to buzzing my hair while in a drunken stupor.  I was texting Monica and she was telling me how she was covering her bald head up and it made me sad for my friend.  I would totally buzz my hair off for her.  She may take me up on it and that'll be just fine with me.  I love my Monica and if being buzzed with her makes her feel a bit better then I'm all over this idea.  If we do this, I will be sure to post pictures.  After that we will be getting matching "Best Friend" tattoos.  (grin)

I'm sitting on the couch with all my pillows, on that awesome laptop, watching my usual late night TV.  Cheers.  This show always cracks me up!!!  Maybe I have a Ted Danson obsessions that I need to acknowledge??  Who knows. 


Anonymous said…
So, what, exactly, did you do to your back?
Monica said…
You are so right! I would change the subject on "drunk chell" but you woould keep going back too letds go tomorrow and do it! We will take lots of pics! It will be so cool!

I said go to sleep I will talk to you in a bit. You said. " How?" When"?"

lol There was no stopping you... But you learned a very good lesson supermom. Don't sign any important papers while on pain meds and after a beer.

You kept telling me but I just had one. lol
Monica said…
When it comes to your health you have to do what ever it takes no matter what. I'm glad you are going to see it through and not let it keep getting worse.

Best I remember you hurt your back while caring O right?
Supermom said…
I don't know what happened this time. It was a dull ache for weeks then last week it became an awful pain.

That's all I got.