I Will Survive

I'd like to thank Not Your Average Teen for the fabulous button and the survey below.

birthday: May 29, 1974

current location: Office area.

righty or lefty:  Righty.

heritage: A little bit of this and a little bit of that. 

thoughts first waking up: I have to pee.

mcdonalds or burger king: Ewee, NO THANKS!  We are not a fast food family.

chocolate or vanilla:Why not both?

what were you doing 5 minutes ago: Watching TV with my husband.  Trying to find topics to blog about.

i love: coffee, peanut butter cups and my Blackberry Tour.

i feel: LOVED! DITTO!!!!!

i hate: stupid people.  Too harsh?  Okay, I dislike them. 

i need: A vacation away from my kids. 

last person you argued with: My son

favorite cheese: Warm brie with fruit.

allergic to:  I'm going to keep the BS answer.  I like that one.

ever thrown up in a car: Yes, when I was a child.

first person you call when having a bad day:  Anna, Monica or my lil sis.

first concert: I don't remember.  My favorite concert was The Flaming Lips though.

shampoo first or wash body first: Shampoo then face.

pen or pencil: A black Paper Mate felt tip pen.

perfect time to wake up: 6:00 am now that school has started.

perfect time to go to bed: I usually find my pillow between 1am and 2am.


Brittany Ciara said…
Look at you all specific and spiffy on your pen selection! :D

I'm an RSVP med weight pen person lol!

Loved your answers, and thanks for the shout out!
Supermom said…
HA HA!! They are the only pens I use.
Sara-Lynn said…
I guess I'm not picky about my pens like you lovely ladies...Any FAT pen will do! :)
Keshia said…
I prefer a black Papermate. Not sure of its specifics but I can pick it out on the shelf at Walmart :)
Rose said…
Your birthday is one day after mine, but I'm older. lol