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How did this happen?

Today my Lil O starts Kindergarten.  It has finally hit me as I was going through pictures to post with this blog.  I cannot believe that today every thing changes for her.

How could my sweet Lil O go from this:

Being Born:

Being Born

Turning One:

Turning One

Turning Two:

Turning Two

Turning Three:

Turning Three

Turning Four:

Turning Four

Turning Five:

Turning Five

To starting school today.

Starting School

Starting School

Feel free to cry with me.


Kelly said...

I know how you feel...it's sad and exciting at the same time! Jamie started K5 Monday and I am still feeling the pain, but it's exciting that he is going into this phase of life!

Sara-Lynn said...

I'm crying wtih you girl!

Supermom said...

She will love today!! I cannot wait to see her after school!!

Keshia said...

Her dress and hair are ADORABLE!

Rose said...

What a beautiful little girl. It goes by so fast. My oldest is 20 and my son is 5 months shy of 17.