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Coffee does a body good.

I took the best shower the other day all because of coffee!!  I had read somewhere long ago that instead of throwing your coffee grounds away to use them for a body scrub.  I gave it a whirl.  I put the grounds in a little plastic bowl and added a bit of baby oil just to hold it all together. 

Coffee Sugar Scrub
(I grabbed this photo from flickr to show you.)

It's important to wash your hair and face before you get into the coffee grounds because clean-up is work.  HA HA!!

Once my hair and face were washed I got soaked then stepped out from under the water.  I scrubbed my whole body with the coffee ground mixture.  It was heavenly!!!  You will have to use soap in the wash/rinse step because the grounds will stick all over the place to you!  ALL OVER THE PLACE!!  So, make sure you rinse/wash off very well. 

Your skin will feel just awesome when you step out.  Before you worry, you will not smell like coffee!

It was awesome.  If you try this let me know your results.  I'm saving the grounds from this mornings brew for my shower tonight! 

I'm gearing up for school to start tomorrow for H & B.  Then Lil O will go to school the very first time on Wednesday.  Sigh....

Where did summer go??

Not only will I be running all over the county I will be participating in Blog2Print's first ever BLOGAPALOOZA!!!!!!!!  Blogger has a wonderful option to email your blog and the email will publish instantly as a blog post!!!  SWEET!!!  Since I will be on the road I can whip out my handy dandy Blackberry and blog on the hour every hour if I am away from the big computer.  Don't worry I will not be blogging while driving.  That would be just STUPID!

Okay, must go do something productive because I haven't been.  My mind is elsewhere these days.  If you see it, please send it home!


Danielle Franklin said…
i have got to try that coffee scrub! You should post it on facebook! (Now all I need is the baby oil!)
Rose said…
Almost looks like a mud bath. lol

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