Back to School Shopping

I bet you cannot guess what we did today!

Yes, you guessed it.  I took the girls out for some shopping!   B wasn't home so he gets to go next week!!!!

It was CrAzY out there.  I was afraid!!!  :)

I think there would have been some fighting over the last box of crayons for sure!

I cannot believe that Lil O will be starting school in 11 days!!!!  Where did my baby go????  She has turned into this amazing five year old who had to have the perfect Tinkerbell book bag and glitter pencils!  (They didn't have Barbie, her first choice.)

There is still more to buy before school and after school when the teachers give out ANOTHER list.  UGH!  I hate this time of year!  The crowds!!!!  No parking.  Rude people.  Sounds a lot like Christmas!!!  Which will be here before we know it!!! 

I'll leave on that note so you can send hate email about mentioning the "C" word.