Almost time to start my day.

The coffee maker will be turning on in a few (again).  I will wake up my precious Lil O from her warm slumber for her first day of school.  (sniff) 

This will be H and B's second day of school.  (sniff)

I'm getting all weepy now.

Stay tuned for the recap and first day of school pictures!!!

I'm going to go drink hot coffee and try not to fall asleep on the potty.


Sara-Lynn said…
At least you can have some coffee to help wake you! I have to go without and hope OJ has the same effect!
Keshia said…
I'm so glad I got a late sleeper! haha I dread in a couple weeks when I will have to be up at 6 for school :/
Rose said…
That's one thing I don't miss. Those early mornings.