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You down with JFA ?!?!?!?

Junk Food Anonymous.

I'm making this up as I go along so I'm not sure how many steps are involved.

The past few days while on vacation, and all my other vacations, I eat junk food constantly.  I walk around in a high fructose and caffeine daze from all the Chex mix, Doritos, cakes, peanut butter cups, buttered popcorn, Coke and coffee.

~ hanging head ~ I'm so ashamed.

Step 1 ~ Admitting you have a problem with junk food.


Step 2 ~ No longer eat the above mentioned funk foods, or anything not mentioned that would be classified as junk food.

1/2 CHECK!!

The vacation leftovers are in the kitchen, taunting me.  When we, I mean as in me, finish eating the junk food that is in there, there will be no more brought into this house.  SO, I will enjoy the Doritos and Cokes to the best of my ability.

Step 3 ~ Do not buy anymore junk food.


It won't be easy of course but I will do my best.

Or something like that.


Monica said…
You know I have gained since I have not been able to exercise...
Supermom said…
When you are feeling better you will be back at it again!!

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