Why is breastfeeding so Taboo?

I don't know why this topic came to mind.  But it did.  I've just had one of the best days of my life and I am unable to sleep so I thought I would blog.

And the only thing I can think about is breastfeeding.  Pretty weird.  You'd think I'd be counting sheep or something like that. 

I really think breastfeeding is the most amazing natural thing a woman can do.  It is also a beautiful sight seeing a woman nurse her baby.  Breasts are made to nourish our babies.  Give them warm milk to drink.

The breasts (boobs, boobies, ta-tas, hooters, cans, melons, knockers, tit's and rack) have always been seen as sex objects. I understand that men are aroused by sight, I get that and it is all fine and dandy.

I just hate for people to cringe at a woman breastfeeding her baby in public.  COME ON!!!  It's one of the most beautiful things you can see.  I am very thankful to have breastfed my children and I still breastfeed Baby M.  I love it.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

So the next time you see a woman nursing her child, instead of talk about the situation like she is committing a crime, smile and know that her baby is getting the best nourishment possible. 

I'm going to be very brave and post a picture of me breastfeeding Baby M.  Yes, you will see a nipple.  Big deal.  We all have them.  They come in different sizes, shapes and color.  I want you to look beyond the nipple to see the expression on her face.  Tell me what you see.

Baby Nursing


Keshia said…
Aww.. how precious :)
Anonymous said…
I was able to breastfeed 3 of my 4 babies. I loved every single nursing session. It was OUR time! That was time that was just for us- nothing else in the world existed. We cuddled, we cooed and we bonded. One of my babies was unable to breastfeed and it was the most defeating feeling I've ever experienced, so when my last little angel came along I was thrilled that I was able to nurse her! So, like you, I love to see mommies snuggling with their little gifts! I always try to give a nursing mommy a smile to let her know, not that I'm staring at her, but that there are other mommies out there that support and encourage them!

You asked what I see in that gorgeous picture....I see an angel, a true and perfect gift. An opportunity to participate in a miracle!

The other thing I noticed...TEETH!
She's absolutely perfect!
Madison said…
It is only in this country where breastfeeding is so taboo. But I am glad you are willing to step and show that it is a wonderful thing.
Danielle Franklin said…
aw that's so cute! Yes I agree with you on the breastfeeding. People that don't like it should just look away and get over it. It's the most natural, wonderful, beautiful thing! I hope one day to have a baby of my own to breast feed. It helps bond the mother and baby!
Supermom said…
Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments!!!
Michelle :)
Katy said…
Love the photo! The smile is so telling!