What do I do all day?

I thought I would give you the run down about my daily routine.  Yes, it is a routine.  I do it every day. 

The babies have me up between 7-8 for now.  Once school starts my day will start much earlier and be much busier.  I'm only going to focus on my summer routine since that's the one I'm on now.

Okay, I'm up.  I'm starting my life line of coffee while I pour the babies some milk.  I walk into the living room like a zombie and find Nick.  Leave the kids in front of the TV so it can watch them for a few.  I then will turn the computer on.  My coffee is ready by this time so I pour a big cup.

I will use this quiet time to check my mail, check Supermom's mail and, of course, update my Facebook status.  I might even Twitter. 

The phone has rung like 5 times by now.  Hello to my sister, girlfriends and my mamaw.  They are a part of my morning routine.

Then I start to it.  I pick up in the bathrooms by hanging towels, rinsing the sink out and picking up clothes for the hamper.  I make my bed and MAKE encourage the kids to make their own bed.   I tidy up the bedrooms.  Picking up papers, books, clothes and other assorted things that other people will walk around for days!

I then feed the kids breakfast.  Cereal, oatmeal or waffles.  I will either unload or load the dishwasher at this time.  Maybe even start planning meals for the day.  Make bread dough if it's a bread baking day. 

I've already broken up bickering and maybe fighting. 

It's not as easy as I've portrayed it to be!

I might start laundry or drag the vacuum out.  I might not.  I might just even throw them outside to play. 

Then I start thinking about lunch as kids are running around like CrAzY! ! ! They are screaming.  They are running.  They are bickering. 

After lunch I will get the baby to nap.  I will SCREAM politely ask the other kids to be quiet of they will be babysitting.  They will either ask for the computer, watch a movie or talk on the phone.  It's a down time. 

It's way too short I tell you.  I may check mail again or play Scrabble on Facebook.

Remember I may be working on laundry and cleaning during all this too.  Or crocheting or sewing.  You never know. 

The kids will want a snack eventually as they continue running around like crazy. 

I'm probably a wreck by this point and will want a stiff drink coffee.

Before I can sit down I am cooking dinner. 

Then clean kitchen, dining room.  Pick up toys.  Send kids out again.  Then give kids a bath and maybe take one myself. 

Watch some TV.  Blog or whatever. 

Try to sleep and start all over again.   This doesn't include taking them to the pool, Fun Depot, to the park or even just grocery shopping. 

I keep thinking of things to add.  Changing diapers.  Playing and giving love to my babies. :)


MrsFuda said…
I love this post. We live a very similar life. :) I'm always amazed every morning how it LOOKS like I spent the day before sitting on my butt. lol

Have a great weekend,
My days are pretty similar though I seem to blink and the day is done. I figure I need to stop and "smell the roses " (and not just stop and see who has a dirty diaper) more often and just enjoy the day more. Hmmm.... maybe tomorrow. :)
Supermom said…
Fuda ~ Tell me about it!!!!!!!

Kari ~ Yes, I have noticed with age that times flies much faster!!!!!

There is always tomorrow. :)