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We HEART Earth Fare.

I've blogged about Earth Fare before on another site of mine but I wanted to share the love over here now. 

Earth Fare is where I buy most of my groceries.  They are lucky enough to be able to hear my kids pitch tantrums every two weeks.  Sorry about that Earth Fare, really I am. 

So anyway, Earth Fare launched Itty Bitty Bites March 19, 2010 and they invited the Supermom Family to come that night for music, face painting AND healthy meals for the kids.  We had a blast!!!  The kids loved the meals which is a bonus for parents that have picky eaters. 

Since I know that every Thursday after 4:00 pm the kids can eat free I have tried to plan my grocery shopping on that day.  Sometimes I am successful at it and other times I am not.  Then this week Earth Fare did something totally awesome!!!!  I knew Superdad was going to Earth Fare after work to pick up a few things and I mentioned this to Earth Fare via Twitter and I asked them if we could get the meals to go for Superdad to bring them HOME for me.  They said, "YES!"  The meals can be enjoyed there or to go.  SWEETNESS!!

I'm glad that they know I have four kids so getting the meals was easy breezy.  I went to their site and printed out the Itty Bitty Bites menu and circled everything so all Superdad had to do was hand them over. 

Earth Fare couldn't make it any easier for our kids to get a healthy meal!  FREE at that!!!!  Yes, you heard correctly.  Kids eat FREE on Thursday night with a $5.00 purchase on an adult meal. 

So, be sure to remember Thursdays at Earth Fare!!  Mark your calendar!!!  Who wouldn't want a night off from cooking????? 

Thank you Earth Fare!!!  We love shopping at your store!!!  I'm also sooo tickled to be seeing more Earth Fare brand products!!!!  You rock!!!!!!! 


allnatural said…
This would be great if we had one closer to us. My son has tap lessons on Thursday evening, and we could go eat and shop after that, but the nearest one is 2 hours away. :(
Supermom said…
POUT!! Two hours away!!!!!

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