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Supermom Sews

Yesterday I had a lot on my mind and I wasn't feeling well so I thought I would escape into my own world and sew.  Seeing Renee Saturday inspired me to drag out some bright fabric and sew Lil O and Baby M some skirts.  Renee told me about making them with elastic but since I was tooo lazy to leave the house yesterday to buy elastic so instead I made them drawstring. 

Here's the fabric ~ purple floral, a back to school funky print, a purple, teddy bears and Noah's Ark. 

Drawstring Skirt

My very first one.  This floral print was see through so I paired it with some white fabric underneath.

Drawstring Skirt

Lil O liked it:

Drawstring Skirt

Then I moved on to make one for Baby M.  After I made the bear skirt she hugged me and told me I was her best friend EVER!!!

Drawstring Skirt

Each girl has 5 skirts a piece.

Drawstring Skirt

Drawstring Skirt

So, that is what I did all day yesterday.  What about you?


Keshia said...

I bought my very first sewing machine this week. I'm still trying to get up the nerve to try sewing my first diaper :)

guurrrl said...

She looks so happy! You were so SUPER productive! FANTASTIC as always ;)

Supermom said...


Anonymous said...

I just signed up to your blogs rss feed. Will you post more on this subject?