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I know that everyone loves a good Japanese restaurant!!!  Japanese is often for those special occasions because of the prices.  I am here to tell you that you can do it at home at a fraction of the cost and it is super EASY!!!!!!

I gave it a whirl.  I thought I would make some teriyaki chicken for the family Japanese restaurant style. 

Ingredients I used:

teriyaki sauce
soy sauce
sesame seeds
salt & pepper
chicken breasts

Then of course ingredients for the famous yummy white sauce that they serve.  (I will tell you that in a minute.)

First I threw my rice in my Zojirushi rice cooker to get that started.  I then cut up the onions and zucchini. 

For cooking this food I brought out my griddle.  Most commonly used for pancakes in this house.

I poured some olive oil on the griddle then added the zucchini, onions and sesame seeds.  Sprinkled with some salt.

Cooking until tender and brown.  Stirring pretty constant.

Once done I placed in a bowl and covered with foil.  I then placed the chicken breasts, whole, on the griddle.  As they began to cook I started cutting them into chucks.  I then poured teriyaki sauce on the chicken.  A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY!!!!   I sprinkled a tad of salt and added more sesame seeds.  You will need to keep stirring this mixture. 

When chicken is done just place in a bowl and cover with foil.

By this time your rice will be finished so pour it onto the hot griddle.  Pour more olive oil into rice and mix.  Dab just a tiny amount of teriyaki sauce and soy sauce onto the rice.  Mix well. 

Voila!!  You are finished!!!!

Here's the white sauce recipe that I used.

Japanese Steakhouse White Sauce - Chuck's Easy Recipe

1-1/4 cup    Hellmann's mayonnaise *
1/4 cup    water
1 teaspoon    tomato paste
1 tablespoon    melted butter
1/2 teaspoon    garlic powder
1 teaspoon    sugar
1/4 teaspoon    paprika
dash    cayenne pepper

Using a fork or a whisk, blend all ingredients together thoroughly until well mixed and the sauce is smooth. Refrigerate overnight to allow flavors to blend. Bring to room temperature before serving.

The sauce will NOT taste right if you don't let it sit overnight. And please don't try to substitute ketchup for the tomato paste! The water is needed to bring this to the right consistency.

I don't know how long this keeps in the refrigerator; I've kept it 7-10 days, but I always wind up eating it all before 10 days so after that - anyone's guess.

* Hellmann's is called "Best Foods" west of the Rockie Mountains. Use other mayos at your peril - many cheap brands make the sauce taste too much like mayo.

This meal was just awesome!!  Everything was gone rather quickly!!!!!  I hope that you enjoy it as much as we did. 


michellch said…
Mmmmm I make this in my electric skillet. Yummo!
Laurel said…
Sounds yummy, never had Japanese food. might have to try it, will a wok work?
Danielle Franklin said…
omg that looks sooo good! Now you've got me hungry! Also, dont forget to add a small amount of sake for flavor!
Supermom said…
I'm making it again next week.