The sleepover from somewhere close to hell.

Ugh, I'm a zombie!!!!  No sleep.  Once I did go to bed about 2 am, I was really needing my sleep.  The two teenage girls had different ideas for us though.  They woke us up every hour!  Every single hour.  Since the head of our bed is a wall we share with the teenager I would knock on the wall.  That would quieten them down for a MINUTE then they were back at it again.

I love our house guest, don't get me wrong, but sleep was needed last night.  Poor Superdad had to go to work this morning without any sleep.  Before he left he did mention how unhappy he was and that there would be no more week night sleepovers. 

Can't say that I blame him....

Yes, we're parents and our job is to SUCK the fun from your life.


Laurel said…
"Yes, we're parents and our job is to SUCK the fun from your life." ^5 LOVE IT!!

Hope you sleep solid tonight, if it helps any- I didn't sleep well either, couldn't get comfy.
Monica said…
H was waking you up for everytime supermom and hubby woke her... ya think?
Jenn9474 said…
Because of your great blogs I am giving you the Versatile Blogger Award!!! You can get the tag and info from my page... But I love your blog so you are one of my nominees!! Just wanted to let you know.
Supermom said…
LOL Laurel. I'm glad you liked that!!!

Moni ~ NOOOOO, that's not why.

Jennifer ~ Thank you so much!!!!