Now what?? Keeping kids busy this summer.

School has been out and the kids are getting bored.  They expect you to entertain them 24/7!!!  Right?

Yeah, about that.  This one time I'm not playing the part of Julie as their summer tour director.  So, Supermom, that's me, is sharing some awesome advice with you.  These are actual things going on at our house.

1 ~ Have a designated day or two for the pool.

If you can stand the crowd and noise of the public pool closest to your kids school then off you go!!  They can hang out with their classmates!  Don't forget towels, snacks and lots of sunscreen.

2 ~ Visit the library and designate a quiet time.

I hate for it to sound like punishment, "Have you read today?" or  "Go to your room and read." but once the kids find a book they enjoy they will use their imagination and explore far off places.  Leaving you to some QUIET time yourself.

3 ~ Plan a field trip day.

Look for free days in your area.  Local parks.  Indoor play places like Fun Depot. Movie theaters offer discount summer fun as well.  Libraries also offer free story times!!  Grab the paper and see what goodies you can find!

4 ~ Get kids outside.

Like in your neighborhood.  I'm guilty for being a parent with lots of FEAR!  I don't let the kids leave the yard and there is always an adult with the kids at all times.  That's just the way it is around here.  Until this year.  B is 12 and I'm trying my best to give him freedom.  He's actually making lots of friends in the neighborhood and it's really nice.  He goes over there and they come over here.  I cannot let fear control me.  I'm glad that Superdad encouraged me to make this big step.

5 ~ Watch a movie.

In your living room.  Make popcorn and shut the blinds.  It is a nice way to calm the kids down and have a breather.  Nap if you want, just don't spill your drink.

See, it's easier than you thought to keep the kids busy!!!!  I hope that this has helped!!  Comment below with your ideas!


Amber said…

There is nothing wrong with being an overprotective mom. I could tell you stories that would make your hair curl. Trust me, your kids will thank you in the long run.
Laurel said…
Ive done all but the library, but we did pick up a few from a used book store. P hasn't complained he's bored, but misses school. He has Robotics Camp next week, he's REALLY looking fwd to that. As for fear, you aren't alone, I had hubby build one of those huge playsets with the tent on top, it came down the next weekend- I was afraid they'd push each other off :X