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It's HOT!!!!!

We've got some strange heat thing going on and I hate it!!!!!  It's so very hot.

The bad part is that we live in a 50's ranch house that doesn't have AIR!!!!  We do have a portable air conditioner in the living area so we have a cool place to hang out in but when it's bedtime, we just suffer the no air consequences. 

Yesterday it was like Chinese water torture.  I  had sweat dripping from every single part of my body.  It wasn't pretty.  I'm not liking it at ALL!!!!!   When you have to wring out your bra you know it's tooo HOT!

I long for cooler weather.  Then when the cooler weather gets here I will complain about how I wish it was warm again.....


Laurel said…
it better cool off, I can't sleep when it's hot & in a tent with 3 other peeps? Oy Vey!!! (yes we are going to try to come to Asheville on the 14th until the last minute)I NEED it.
Supermom said…
Cool, just let me know. I hope it cools off for you!
Danielle Franklin said…
yea our air has been broke for like a month now and its been 86 inside the house with a couple of fans going. I can't wait till college starts so i can at least be some place cool!

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