I'm outraged and crying.

Has anyone seen this story:

Blind Couple Reunited With Baby Taken Away by State

 Erika Johnson and Blake Sinnett of Missouri had a baby. For two days. Then they had a nightmare. State authorities took their baby away because both Johnson and Sinnett are blind.  Read whole story by clicking here.

I am so angry and so in shock.  I just want to take these two parents and rock them in my arms. 

O. M. G.  This mother will not get those 57 days back with her infant daughter.  It made her unable to breastfeed her baby.  I cannot believe this happened in the United States of America.

I am furious right now as I fight back tears!!!  This is the most ridiculous thing I have read in a long time.  All I can say is, "What the fuck?"  Really???? 

Even if the people that caused this are punished it will still not bring back that infant/mommy/daddy bonding time. 

I'm sure that their families would have been there to help with the baby just like when every SEEING baby is born and sent home.  There would have been people there in the home to help these two blind people. 

This has really hurt me.  ~shaking head~


michellch said…
Although I do understand the initial concern (she couldn't see the baby had turned blue from suffocation, and it could have been worse had it no been addressed), I agree, it was a bit much and it could have been handled much better for all involved and 57 days? WTFlip took 57 days? Ridiculous!