I live in a wonderful area.

I'm native to these parts which is very rare to hear these days.  I love Asheville.  It's a wonderful place to live IMPO.  A bit on the expensive side, taxes and such, but we are such a diverse little town that  I couldn't imagine calling anywhere else home.  Except Charleston, South Carolina.  That's where I want to live.  That's another blog post though.  Back to my great town Asheville.

Saturday I went to see my friends brand new studio in the River Arts District!!!! 

This brick building has so many wonderful studios in it.  I'm so glad that my friend has moved there.  I know she will feel right at home. 

Candy Stick Lane:

I've blogged about Renee and Candy Stick Lane several times.  I'm just so happy for Renee making this huge step with having a studio space outside of her house.  A place that people can visit and see her in action.  A place that just screams how creative she is.  I told her she needed to have a studio warming party. 

I took her a small present today for her new space.  A broom.  Yes, I'm a big spender!!!  In my defense she didn't have a broom there and was taking hers from home back and forth.  Now, she doesn't have to. 

If you are in Asheville you need to stop by Candy Stick Lane and check out handmade boutique clothing at its best!!!  You can also find Renee on ETSY.


I love you Chelle! You made my day bringing your wonderful family by to see my little spot! I was thrilled and I LOVE my broom! YOU ROCK!!
Supermom said…
I' love your spot!!! You're awesome!!! I love you!