I don't want to be a cowboy.... I love Jerry Seinfeld

This came to mind yesterday when Baby M used the potty all by herself. 

Picture if you will.

Lil O comes into living room ~ "Baby M took her diaper off."

Supermom ~ Walking through house to find a naked baby.  "Baby M, what are you doing?"  I ask as I see her sitting on her potty.

Baby M ~ "I have to pee."

Supermom ~ "Okay, you just sit there until you pee.  Don't get up and play on the potty please."

A few minutes later Baby M finds me.

Baby M ~ "I peed in the potty."

I go look.  SHE DID!!!  She must have stood up to see for herself and peed in the floor just a bit.  We were all cheering for Baby M. 

I picked her up and set her in the bathtub to wash her off.

Baby M ~ "I don't want a bubble bath."


Monica said…
I was so happy to get that text and she was proud to get to tell me on the phone she was a big girl now!!!

Chell I can totally do with out the Jerry!! You and your nerds!!