Happy Birthday Ernest Hemingway!

How appropriate that today is Ernest Hemingway's birthday.

I just finished reading The Sun Also Rises again.  I love this book!!!  For some reason I wanted to read it again this summer.  I just finished it two nights ago.  It's always a bittersweet moment for me to finish it.  I always block out the ending so through the whole book I hope that Jake and Brett get together.  Then when I finish reading the last page I wonder if they would even make a good couple. 

I'd like to think that Jake and Brett get out of the cab together and just get married or live together, staying faithful to each other.  Then at times I think that Jake deserves so much more.  Then I think of how much Brett reminds me of myself.  Carefree.  Adventurous.  Going after what she wants.  Even if she is a 'player' making some big mistakes in her life.  I like her!

Then I think of Cohn and Mike.  Men that have loved Brett and how she ultimately treated them.  Yes, I think that Jake deserves more.  Yet, part of me wants them together.....

Happy Birthday Hemingway!!!!!!! 

Speaking of reading......

I've gotten myself into a nasty habit!!!

I'm having a terrible time sleeping.  I'm not liking it one bit!!!  Usually I could get in bed with the baby and read for a few or work on a sudoku puzzle then go right to sleep.  Not now.  If I happen to drift asleep the quietest of noises, Superdad, will wake me up.  Then I ache all over and my legs hurt.  It's crazy!  After tossing and turning I will give up and head to the living room. 

I will watch TV, Golden Girls and Cheers, until about 2am then try to go to sleep again.  I usually toss and turn and ache and doze off and on until morning.  It's like this every single night. 

Needless to say I am exhausted during the day.  Who wouldn't be by this point?  I hope my body will get a clue and I can resume my regular schedule very soon!

After the sleepover from hell you would have thought I would have slept like a baby all night.  But nope.  I tossed and turned.  I ached all over.  I had to get up.  I watched this new show Covert Affairs.  I'm liking it I suppose.  It entertains me on a sleepless night.  Then I flipped over to watch Cheers.  Cheers is my usual cannot sleep show.  I'm a sucker for Sam.  Last night was the episodes that Sam is drinking because him and Diane broke up.  Coach gets Diane to come back to talk to Sam.  This was where Frasier was introduced. 

Anyway....  you can see why I cannot sleep.  Late night entertainment!!!