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Pass the cold beer please.

Week in Review.

Supermom Sews

Don't look at me.

Supermom Cooks

I'm outraged and crying.

It's HOT!!!!!

Comme ci, comme ca...

I live in a wonderful area.

Week in Review.

Dinner time is family time.

Happy Birthday Ernest Hemingway!

The sleepover from somewhere close to hell.

Did you know?

Charlie and Ho Ho time.

Week in Review.

A Day in My Life ~ July 15, 2010

Why is breastfeeding so Taboo?

I just breastfed the baby in the tub.

You know it's true!!!

What do I do all day?

Supermom Love:

Now what?? Keeping kids busy this summer.

I couldn't have said it any better!

Yeah, that would be a no go.

You down with JFA ?!?!?!?

Mail Call:

I don't want to be a cowboy.... I love Jerry Seinfeld

What a vacation means to me.