You got what I need.....

I have no idea why those song lyrics are going through my head but they are.  I started singing them when I was in the tub.  UGH!!!!!!!  That drives me batty!!!!

I've been laying low in this awful heat!!!!  Just AWFUL!!!  Torture!!!! 

I almost wanted to venture to the pool again today.  Almost.  It wasn't so bad the other day.  I was pleasantly surprised.  At one point Baby M went underwater while playing and we had to pick her back up.  I'm sure it scared her to death but we were clapping and cheering her own so that she wouldn't be afraid.  That was it for playing in the pool.  She got out and played in the grass for the next 1 1/2 hours.  I was able to sit in the shade and watch her play.  Not bad at all.

This is my cool Supermom picture.  Too cool for words.  Yeah, right.


Happy kids playing.


Nope, not having it, no way in hell am I getting back in that pool.


I hate to admit it but I look forward to going again. 

I've got news to share.

I have my first paying gig in making a cake.  I usually just make them because I want to make them.  It's my thing.  This time I actually took their wants and made a design and putting it into place for a special 13th birthday party this Saturday. 

They want a fun zebra cake.  Here's what I got:

Pretty cool huh???  I'm going to use black buttercream fondant to make the cool zebra stripes.  I think I will make A Day in My Life photo series for Saturday as I make the cake. 

I hope it turns out as pretty as my drawing.  Or better!!!

It's nice that my life is getting back to normal.  Really nice.


Laurel said…
WTG M! Now get back in that pool & show it who is boss! I like the cool zebra cake, but Id have a black cake with white stripes & it wold have CHOCOLATE inside!
Supermom said…
I will make you one when you come see me.