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Yes!!! Superdad did say this!!!

This morning we were laying in bed talking.  Both of us coughing and such.  Since my friend was here with her cute baby belly I was thinking about another baby, of course. 

Supermom ~ I want a baby belly.

Superdad ~ But you still have this one.

I then proceeded to take off my slipper and smack him.  Not hard enough I assure you!

I'm proud of my baby belly.  I call it my Pouch. 


Renee•Candy Stick Lane said...

ROFL - thats funny shit - for REAL!

Vanessa said...


My husband would have gotten the slipper and the sofa that night!

rmsnowden81 said...


Supermom said...

I"s glad we can entertain you people! HA HA!!