Week in Review.

Hello on a Saturday afternoon.  In the house with two teenage girls and two babies.  Superdad snuck out to have dinner with a guy friend.

H turned Sweet 16 last week and today we celebrated at Asheville Pizza Company.  I made an awesome cake for the occasion.

I've decided to consolidate my online life.  Selling some domain names and deleting a few blogs/fan pages.  The Adventures of Supermom and Supermom Reviews keeps me busy.

I painted my finger nails for Renee at Candy Stick Lane.  HEY RENEE!!!

Schools out for the summer, Lord help me and give me patience.

Thanks for visiting The Adventures of Supermom!!!!!!!


Sommer J said…
Sounds like a busy week. I know you feel relieved had let some things go.

May I add that you have the best teeth ever! I'm sure your dentist is proud!
guurrrl said…
ooooooh what color?
guurrrl said…
very pretty ;)
Supermom said…