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Telling a story through a picture.

Last weekend H had company to help celebrate her Sweet 16 Birthday.  Yes, two teenage girls running around our house.

Of course Lil O wanted to be included because she loves the guest so much.  It was cute.

Here's a picture that Lil O colored and slid under a shut/locked bedroom door.


The crying person is Lil O because she is locked outside the bedroom door.  I guess the rainbow represents all the fun in the room



guurrrl said...

WOW what a great expression of her feelings! I made a frown face for her. Just think when they get older they will do everything to spend more time together ;)

Melinda said...

So cute...so cute. Kids' drawings are the best. I framed one Luke did of his "first job" (aka picking up dog poop). It's priceless!