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Supermom is in the HOUSE!!!!

Hello Supermom Fans!!  How you be???  I hope well and enjoying the start of June!!!!  I thought I would sit down and type up a blog just for you.

Today is Crazy Beautiful H's Sweet 16 Birthday!!!  Happy Birthday H!!!  We are so proud of you and our heart overflows with love for you.

It's hard to believe that my first child is 16 today.  She will get her driving permit this week!!  Which means I will have a teenage daughter driving a huge car on the road.  I'm not liking that at all!!!!!!  AT ALL!!!!!

Ummm, lets see.  MJ left on Friday so our house has been very quiet.  I had a lovely visit with her.  I always do. 

Supermom and MJ

Just think the next time I see her she will be a mommy.  How exciting!!!!!!  I cannot wait!!  She will make a wonderful mommy. 

Superdad celebrated his birthday Sunday!   I had big plans to hike the parkway and picnic.  But the weather at that elevation had other ideas.  Cold and rainy.  So, we ended up on our front porch pretending we were on a great adventure having our picnic.  I tried.  Do I get points for effort???

My sister had a birthday yesterday.  WOW, lots of celebrating going on!!!!

I've been feeling icky so I actually scheduled a physical for Thursday.  Before you comment, let me say, "NOT THAT KIND OF PHYSICAL!"  I thought I would get a blood work up, cholesterol and my blood pressure checked out.  I also want to talk about my migraines and what I think may be making them worse. 

I haven't felt like blogging, reviewing or working on KFA!  Shame on me. 

I hope that this post will tide you over until I feel like blogging again.  I'm sure it will be soon.  If my kids or Superdad give me worthy blogging material I will be sure to post it for your viewing pleasure.


Sommer J said…
Happy (belated) Birthday!

What a gorgeous family
Supermom said…
Thank you Sommer!!

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