The cake I made for H's Sweet 16 Party.

Sweet 16 Party

Sweet 16 Party

Turning 16 was fun!

Sweet 16 Party

With her Mamaw.

Sweet 16 Party

With her Great Great Aunt.

Sweet 16 Party

A birthday hug from her daddy.

Sweet 16 Party

The babies sword fighting.  I love how Baby M got up on the train table to fight.

sword fighting

A rainbow out our front door.



Beki Hilton said…
That cake looks amazing! I am now following you! You can follow me at mymodernguide.blogspot.com!


Beki :-)
MrsFuda said…
That cake did look amazing! Did you take classes? Is that fondant? lol...sorry for the questions.

Looks like a fun birthday. :)

Have a great week!