Private Schools do it right.

Get this!!  Superdad went to a private school all those years ago AND they still send him a birthday card every year.  He graduated 29 years ago and he still gets a birthday card!!!!!

WOW, I think that's pretty cool.  They even signed it and mentioned he should come by to catch up and to tell his brother, they called him by his name, hello. 


Superdad said… nice a gesture as it may seem seem it has a purpose. As private schools don't receive state or federal funds they count on donations from wealthy alumni. Sadly, I am not in that group. And as such, my children will likely not be able to attend my alma mater. Tuition is nearly twenty times what it was when I attended.
Melinda said…
I went to a private school in junior high and high school (and like Superdad, tuition was much lower in those days). However, they do not send me pretty letters each year. Maybe they have figured out I am not one of their wealthy alum?!