Oh, so that's what she's been doing with the mirror.

I'm glad Lil O doesn't read my blog or this would turn her RED from embarrassment.  

I have this little mirror that has a suction cup in the bathroom so the babies can see themselves while brushing their teeth or doing whatever they secretly do in the bathroom.  Lil O has started locking the door now for privacy.  That should have been my first clue.

Here lately I have been going in the bathroom to find the mirror in the floor thinking the suction cup just wasn't doing its job.  So, I'd pick it up and stick it back on the wall.

That wasn't the case.

Apparently Lil O has been taking it down after she poops to use as a tool to see if her behind is clean.


At least I'm not wiping it for her and she's being resourceful!!

I will have to start washing my hands now after I pick it up and stick it back to the wall.


Anna said…
That is awesome! Way to be independent Little O!