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"Oh, it's crying time again..."

Isn't that how that Ray Charles tune starts? Superdad here. Supermom is busy drinking fluids and medicating. Anyone who regularly visits this blog will guess why. Anyone? Anyone? (Ferris Bueller reference) That's right. It's ANOTHER kidney stone! Yay! Just when I was supposed to be the one getting some sympathy (I've been sick for a couple of weeks) Supermom had to steal my thunder. Sunday morning she walked into the bedroom with that look on her face. Within a couple of minutes she was doubled up in pain whimpering. She did manage to tell me how much easier childbirth was though. This evening she asked me to Google how long it normally takes to pass a stone. I found a site where one commenter said it took him 11days....yeah, of course I told her about that one. Stay tuned. I'm sure she'll be back soon. Not all adventures are good ones. But remember, she's Supermom.


Kelly said…
: ( Bummer!

I hope she recovers quickly!! You too!!
Supermom said…
Thanks Superdad for the awesome guest post!!!!

Thanks Kelly!
Get well Supermom.

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