The making of Echinacea Vodka

Singing:  B O L O G N A ....

There's nothing like a bologna sandwich to take you back to your childhood.  Add some mayonnaise and you are in childhood heaven.  Right?

With school out you'd think the kids would give me lots of new blogging material.  Sadly, they aren't.  Don't worry.  There's still time for them to embarrass themselves soon.

I've been crocheting, sewing and making echinacea vodka for Christmas gifts.  Yes, I am that good.

Here's the echinacea vodka process.  I searched through several different recipes and picked one I liked since I was using fresh echinacea flowers from my garden.

Echinacea Vodka

1 ~ Pick some of your beautiful echinacea.  I picked all three of my varieties.
Echinacea Vodka

2 ~ Cut off leaves and flower heads and wash in warm water. 

Echinacea Vodka

3 ~ Chop up and place in sterile glass jar.

Echinacea Vodka

4 ~ Add vodka.

Echinacea Vodka

5 ~ I will shake this every day and then strain the flowers off in two weeks.

Echinacea Vodka

This homemade tonic will be perfect for a few assorted Christmas gifts this year.  I want to make two more batches after I buy more vodka.  I will buy enough to take a few shots during the process next time. 


Tracy said…
So is this the ulitimate cold relief cure?
Red Neck Diva said…
This sounds like it will be awesome for a couple of reasons lol ;) ;)
Supermom said…
Tracy ~ I don't know about that but it couldn't hurt. When I was little I grew up with homemade liquer cough syrup. It worked for me.

Tammy ~ ^5