Like it? Hate it? Want me to leave it the hell alone?

I'm talking about the new blog layout!!!!!

Be honest with me!!!!!  I promise I won't block you!  :)


ohh. I like the header. The pink flowers are nice.
But you went from 3 column to 2 column. do you like 2 column better?
just wondering.

It does look nice though.
Good JOB!!!
Supermom said…
I'm loving the 2 columns!!! At first I was nervous but it takes the clutter away!
Monica said…
I like it but I miss seeing supermom. It is like she is missing.
Monica said…
I'm not able to get a good view. I'm just excited to comment on your blog lol
Keshia said…
I like it. But I think I miss the old header that says supermom and such... Beautiful pic of H btw. I wish I was that photogenic lol
Supermom said…
I'm still playing with the header. I just cannot get it right.
Anonymous said…
I like the pictures of your kids as the headers, all you need to do is add one of you and Superdad!