It's a ?!?!?!?

Boy or a Girl.  We aren't sure what our new child is just yet.  We are excited to welcome our fifth child into our crazy life!!!  So far, it's been pretty easy since we found out.  I'm just so blessed!!!!

Words cannot describe how excited the kids were when they found out.  They were jumping up for joy arguing over who gets to name the new addition. 

We still haven't decided on a name but I will let you know when we do.

I'm leaning toward naming he/she Phil.  I think it would suit he/she perfectly!

You didn't think I was talking about being pregnant now did you??  ~evil laugh~

There's still hope for that but until then I will name the furry critters that live in our yard.

PS.  I'd like to thank for the beautiful flowers they sent me today.

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Laurel said…
OK Im baffled, forget boy or girl... WHAT is it?
Supermom said…
It's a groundhog.

He lives in our yard.
Keshia said…
Oh jeez what a let down! I squealed with excitement over a groundhog!!! LOL
Mrs Furious said…
totally duped me too! Gah!
Becky Jane said…
Too funny! Sometimes don't we wish it was this easy to ad a family member!
Supermom said…
HA HA!! You guys are funny.

You won't believe the texts and calls I started to instantly get.