It's that time again!!

Bathing suit wearing time!  Totally sucks huh??  I wish I were more comfortable in a bathing suit.  It's funny even as a teen I felt insecure in a bathing suit.  I had a smokin' hot teenage body and still didn't like wearing a suit.  I'm guessing that is normal for all girls.  I see how my teenage daughter reacts to wearing a suit and trust me, she looks fabulous in one!!!  Makes me want to walk around covering her up with a towel.  I give men lots of evil looks when they watch her at the pool or when we are on vacation. 

Bunch of pervs.  Said with a laugh!!!!

So, today will be the first time I am forced, yes my arm is being twisted, to sit at the public pool for two whole hours.  I said that was as long as I was staying in 91 degree weather chasing two babies. 

To only weigh 128, I feel like the 28 pounds are in my midsection.  Really, I do.  No amount of sucking it in will hide the fact that I have had babies.  Four wonderful babies.  HOPEFULLY FIVE ONE DAY!!!!!! 

I wish I didn't feel this way but I do. 

It also means I have to shave, wax and tuck in my pubic hair into my bathing suit bottoms as well.  UGH!!!  The things we do to look presentable. 

Heaven forbid a curly pubic hair sneak out for all to see.  ~shaking head~  No, I do not shave it off!!! Remember my "Save The Bush" campaign!!!  Be proud of your pubic hair!!!  Just don't show it off in a bathing suit because it doesn't look so hot.  Really, if you have it, tuck it in!!!!! 

This totally bites.  The public pool with kids.  Please please two hours pass by really quick!!!!!!!

This would be a good time, seriously, for a kidney stone!!!!!!! 


Danielle Franklin said…
wow love this post!
Vanessa said…
Funny, I just posted about this topic yesterday!!
Supermom said…
Thanks Danielle.

Vanessa ~ About bathing suits?

Being made to go to the pool?

Save the Bush, I started that campaign last year.

Which one???
Laurel D Mitchell said…
"It also means I have to shave, wax and tuck in my pubic hair into my bathing suit bottoms as well." Were supposed to do that??? OOOPS :X, since Im bearing all to you, let me have P take a
pic of me in my suit, you will love yours then! I actually feel pretty in mine- no clue why.