I'm obsessed with Bob Saget.

Really I think I am.   I'm obsessed with Bob Saget.

I'm not sure exactly when it started.  Or why?  But it has!!!!!  I had this dream about him a week or so ago and it's stuck with me ever since. 

No, we didn't have sexual relations in this dream.  He was just there.  It was nice. 

I think he hugged me. 

So, I've decided to add Bob Saget to my HOT MEN LIST!!!  Right up there with David Muir and Superdad.

I wonder if I can email Bob Saget now???  He's on Facebook.  Hmmmm...

Supermom stalks Bob Saget.  WWBD?  What Would Bob Do?


I thought he was sexy when he was Danny Tanner. I am not sure any more but I am still obsessed with John Stamos. Who would not be?
Melanie said…
I gave you a blog award on my site, just hop on over to accept. Leave a comment & pass it along to some others :)
Supermom said…
I never watched that show. Hmmmm.... I think he's sexy. Bob Saget not John Stamos. lol

Thanks Melanie. I will check it out.