I went for my physical today...

...NOT THAT KIND OF PHYSICAL!!!!  However, I did have to get undressed and wear this gray colored gown!!  Just the right color for me I might add.  If I had known I'd be in my undies and bra I would have probably shaved my legs, not worn my cotton granny panties or my nursing bra!!!!!!!!  HELLO!!!  I would have gotten a bit more dressed up for the occasion.

He checked me out for mysterious moles, rashes or whatever happens with age.  We talked about my sorry excuse for a bladder and he wants me doing kagels 3 times a day.  I blame my bladder problem on B2.  Try pushing 9 pounds 13 ounces out your body and see what works after!!!

He was totally loving my numbers!!!!  Cholesterol LOW!!!  Blood pressure LOW!!!!  All the numbers that mattered were BELOW NORMAL!!!!!   Who said eating an organic diet, no soft drinks or fast food doesn't make a difference?!?!?!

He said that when I wean the baby, which hopefully will be soon, that we'd work on these migraines.  He said it may take a few different tries but we'd get them under control. 

I was even pleasantly surprised at my weight!  I weighed 128 pounds today.  I was thinking more like 135 but I was wrong.  I'm not going to complain about it. 

I feel totally awesome to know that I'm healthy even though I haven't been feeling it the past year.

Now, to schedule THAT KIND OF PHYSICAL and mammogram.


Sommer J said…
Haha! I ALWAYS wear my pretty panties to the doctor's office! Even if it's my kids' appointments, ya never know if you have to strip!

Great news on your great check-up!

(I saw your blog whilst browsing. I like it. just in case you thought I was crazy-which I am, but not THAT kind of crazy!)
Supermom said…
Well, now I know to bring out the fancy undies and bra for all foreseeable doctor visits. Mine or the kids!!!!!

Nice to meet another good crazy kind of gal!