You know you're a Supermom when:

Your five year old bought a new favorite dress that has a few beads on the straps of the bow.

During a bathroom visit one of the beads falls in the toilet, that is full of pee.  (The five year old's pee.)

While Superdad is trying to decide on how to get it out.  You even hear him talking about getting a spoon to retrieve the little lost bead that is floating in a toilet full of pee.

You, Supermom, stop what you are doing, which happens to be making waffles, and go into the bathroom.  You reach in the toilet with your bare hands to get the bead that goes on your baby's new favorite dress.  You then wash your hands and the bead with soap and water.

That's what being a SUPERMOM is all about. 



MrsFuda said…
That is ABSOLUTELY what a Supermom does...sadly, I've been forced to do that to...but with a matchbox car. lol Have a great Sunday. :)
Danielle Franklin said…
my exfiance had to do that for his 3yr old when she dropped one of MY rings that she was wearing into the toilet. He used a hanger lol I laughed so hard at this! :D
Supermom said…
LOL MrsFuda!!!!