Week in Review.

Supermom talks about being sad about not having any more babies with Superdad.  Facts of life.

Trying to get a Yorkie!!!

B2 was sick but now back at school.

H got her phone back because the minutes rolled over last night.  If she messes up one more time she will lose her phone.

I did some retail therapy and got a new purse out of it.

Life will be extremely busy and fun the next few months.  Hang on and enjoy the ride.

Thanks for visiting The Adventures of Supermom.


Keshia said…
This is a litle random but... Your teeth are sparkling white! LOL

P.S. Cooper enjoyed watchinG the "BAAA-BEEE" :)
Supermom said…
HA HA!!!

My sparkly teeth distract you from the bags under my eyes!!!
Anna said…
What about adopting?