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Supermom wants to know.

1 ~ What makes you come to my blog everyday?

2 ~ You do come every day, right?

3 ~ What has made you Laugh Out Loud on my blog?

4 ~ What do I blog about that you enjoy the most?


Keshia said…
1. You are witty, insightful, and it feels like having a conversation with a friend (which it pretty much is lol)


3. Retrieving things for Lil O out of the toilet

4.I enjoy reading about day to day things with your kids. Like how you help H when she had a break up and your feelings about Baby M's surgery.
Laurel D Mitchell said…
1. something in the 1st line catches my attention.
2. I try
3. the bead in the potty
4. life lesson like the cyber bullying blog
Red Neck Diva said…
Because you inspire me to try new things. Yes every day.Lil o's grocery list for mama. You are a very down to earth day to day person with a nack for being talented. You enjoy sharing you life, thoughts, tips and ideas along with some awsome advice. Thats a pretty good reason to read daily.
Danielle Franklin said…
1. I love reading your witty bits of wisdom and laughing at the antics of my cousins!
2. Mostly every day, every time i get an email saying you've posted something new!
3. the sex blogs, the kids, letting all your emotions out for all of us to read and know that we aren't the only ones that go through the stuff you do!
4. There's no specific thing I like, I love it all! Don't change a thing!!
<3 <3 <3
Olga said…
1. The wonderful, helpful, (albeit sometimes crazy) advice you give puts a lot of things into perspective for me.

2. Mostly --- esp. when I'm on my own blog and see the beginning of a new post.

3. Stories about your kids, especially Lil O

4. Seeing your personal growth both as a mother and friend to your children

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