The Sex Survey Results are IN!!!!!

Yes, they are in!!!!!!!  I'm not too terribly shocked at the results.  I'm sure you won't be either.  Okay, here goes.

Question #1

How many times a week do you have sex?

THE WINNER:  1-2 times a week at 37.5%

I sort of figured that 1-2 times a week would be the norm.  I'm sorry to see that What's sex? had a high percentage.  Even though I fall in that category these days.  ~Sticking my tongue out at the braggers!~

Question #2

Do you have sex even if you aren't in the mood?

THE WINNER:  Sometimes at 47.9%

TISK TISK!!!!! I am in the THAT WOULD BE A NO Category!   I'm not having sex unless I want to have sex. 

Question #3

After having children has your sex life slowed down?

THE WINNER:  Yes at 73.2%

I'm guessing the No people are the What's Sex? people.  HA HA!!!  Sure, having children slows your sex life down. 

Question #4

Are you happy with your sex life?

THE WINNER:  There's room for improvement at 66.7%


When all else fails, do you masturbate?

THE WINNER:  Yes at 47.9%


If you could, would you have sex every day?

The men answer:

The women answer:

Did you notice that the men didn't answer NO for this question??  I also noticed that the women, including myself, voted NO the most!!! 

There you have it.  Don't feel bad, most of us aren't having sex like we'd like.  We just don't want to do it every single day.  Well, the men would like to.  Have it men, go masturbate!!  ~gentle smile~

Thanks to all that answered the anonymous survey!  It was fun seeing the answers roll in over the weekend. 


Anonymous said…
there was 1 catagory you missed...
the - sex is just a word I've heard about because of medical disabilities - ok a back with unreal issues and the last thing I want is to lay on it and even the thought 2 use it
omg you have no idea the things you use your back for..would you believe that you use a back muscle just to kiss? ohhhh yes ouchies you do ..doesn't stop me from kissing ..but will stop me from everything else
its been almost 2 years and I think my virginity grew back or maybe its thick spider webs...sometimes I think I hear music from the twilight zone comming from there ..ok its the pain meds making me hear things ..but its funny just the same lol..gotta have humor to get to tomorrow
Supermom said…
Can your virginity grow back??? Hmmmm.....

I'm sorry Anonymous friend of mine.