Out of Order.

Yesterday I told Superdad I was feeling overwhelmed.  To which he asked, "Why?"  Here was my response,

"Well, my birthday is Saturday, our anniversary is Sunday and I haven't bought your gift, my niece turns 5 on Monday and no gift yet, my BF Mary Jane will be here Tuesday to stay a few nights and I might throw together a small baby shower for her and make a cake, I have a grandmother's birthday on June 3 to which I need to mail her card, your birthday is the 6th and I don't have you a present, my sister's birthday is the 7th but I have her a card, H turns 16 on the 8th and we need to get her presents and mamaw turns 80 on the 17th and we are having her party on the 19th and I have to make her birthday cake and H's birthday cake.  So what was your question?"

Then I woke up during the night with two earaches and a very sore throat.  Thank you Baby M for sharing your germs.


Olga said…
I love your posts.

That is all.
Danielle Franklin said…
sounds like Superdad needs to give you a week off after all this is is done with and send you on vacation! Hang in there hun, you're Supermom! You can do anything! :)
MrsFuda said…
Right. There. With. You. :)
Hope you are feeling better soon!
Supermom said…
Thanks for the well wishes!!! :)